Some lovely testimonials

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Manuela Rotstein - Content Producer

A Touch of Japanese is live:

The site looks fabulous. Delivered on time and almost faultless for testing, a tremendous job from both of you.

A small site, but a big achievement: our first CMS site, using the latest templates and advanced JavaScript features.

Many, many thanks from a happy customer.

Other Testimonials

Alex Hendry - Senior Web Project Manager

Date: 20/06/2012
Aerian Studios translated our vague brief into a compelling game within an astonishingly short space of time. Iím not convinced even THEY could complete the final challenge without using up all the...


Toki Allison - BBC Things To Do Producer

Date: 07/11/2012
Watching Aerian Studios at work and seeing the results of their dedication, oftentimes under tricky time constraints, has been truly inspiring and humbling. They set the bar high and through every...


Cathal Coughlan - Technical Project Manager

Date: 12/01/2009
Paul and his team have worked for BBC Future Media and Technology on a range of sites relating to individual TV programmes, and on the framework which underpins all of those sites. This involved...