Some lovely testimonials

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Manuela Rotstein - Content Producer

A Touch of Japanese is live:

The site looks fabulous. Delivered on time and almost faultless for testing, a tremendous job from both of you.

A small site, but a big achievement: our first CMS site, using the latest templates and advanced JavaScript features.

Many, many thanks from a happy customer.

Other Testimonials

Alexa Simms - Founder

Date: 23/07/2008
My partner recommended aerian to me as I was having problems with the company who designed my website. I am so glad I moved over to them. They have always been brilliant at dealing with any request...


Jason Gattika - Managing Director

Date: 07/09/2006
aerian studios were quick to understand our needs for a quick and simple site with minimum fuss and excellent value for just what we needed and room to expand as we need...


David Dewhurst - New Media Developer

Date: 07/03/2014
Our content developers are enjoying the freedom to write content, and not wrestling with html code and image resizing. Aerian have created a system which meets our needs better than any off the...